Angle Incomplete WODB

What figure could complete this WODB?



Why does your figure work?

Provide reasons each figure doesn’t belong.



Remember the days…

I want to apologize for anyone who follows my blog, and I’m sure I have had a few people drop it off their feed this year, this year has been pretty scarce for insightful mathy posts.  As most of you know, I teach at a juvenile center- which can be a challenging endeavor.  I have always prided myself with the fact that while staying within the norms of what the center and school wants, I still treat these students as I would any public school student and provide them a “regular class, not juvie work.”

This is the first year I don’t feel I have done that, and that is the root of why I haven’t posted a lot this year.  This year has been all about social behavior and not academics for this group.  I have started to become the teacher I don’t want to be- I am giving students individual busy-work to keep peer interaction at a minimum.  It seems that every time I try to get back into my old swing with these students, they pop off again and remind me why I had to make this shift.  Part of my dilemma is also student interaction in the unit, things are in place because of the behavior that happens after school and those are enforced throughout the school day.  It is not something that I have orchestrated or encouraged, it is something that has come about because of the students.

This has been a hard year so far, and the struggle is really grinding on me.  As students are rotated and go to different placements things may go better and I can go back to the norms for my classroom.  I remember the days when I was able to do that, and I really really need to be able to get back to them.

The Power of Incomplete WODBs

Yesterday I posted the following WODB:


I asked “How would you finish this WODB?” and I appreciate the responses I have received.


These are all great answers, and I would tell my students the same when offered.  The one thing I would do is to remind them what makes a good WODB problem and challenge them to create another response with that in mind.

So, what is the Power of WODB? What makes a good WODB problem? The ability to pick any picture and come up with AT LEAST one description of why that one isn’t linked to the other three.  It may be easy to fill in a reason the last image we pick isn’t related to the three posted, but it also needs to support choosing one of the three.  This is something that my students struggle with at first, then they really start examining the problem from a variety of perspectives- many times more than what they engage in with a “complete” WODB.

So, as we typically do in class, reflect on the Tweets I received on the possible missing part.  Do they provide us with a good WODB problem that allows any of the four to be correct? I know my thoughts, I am really interested in yours.