3 thoughts on “Thoughts on This Video

  1. I love the idea of using video to animate patterns. The thing that I found myself wondering was something like “wait is there a pattern here?” I had trouble thinking about the pattern because I found the pictures moving along pretty quickly — I think I would have appreciated a bit more time to think about what I was seeing. I could also imagine you actually building the next steps from the previous step, like, actually building that square in the video.

    Anyway, this is an awesome idea. Looking forward to the next draft or the next video!

    • Thanks Michael, in my first video I had each frame set for 8 seconds and I felt that was too slow. I reset it to 2 seconds with the thought that you would have the kids watch it “full speed” one or two times to get catch their interest and then replay and pause when you are considering the pattern. Right now my computer that has the video is in for maintenance so I’ll let you know when I make the change.

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