Reflection Forms, I want them!


I know there are not a lot of people following me or reading this blog yet, but I would like to ask those that are to respond and reach out to your contacts to help me out. 

I am looking for different types of reflection forms.  I want to know what students are thinking and learning in class.  I need valuable input so I can adapt to my student’s learning on a fairly regular basis.  I have a few different ones of my own already, but I also would like to hear what is working well in your classrooms.



2 thoughts on “Reflection Forms, I want them!

  1. Kathryn Freed says:

    I totally saw this and thought that I could give you my ideas…then I started trying to think about all the exit tickets I gave and what to tell you about them. Here’s what I’ve got: most of mine were problems, (ie. can you do this alone?) or give an example of ______ (do you understand vocabulary?). I usually came up with them on the spot, so guess I don’t set the best example.

    I know I’ve read about a lot of types, but right now all I can remember is 3-2-1s, and I don’t even remember what you are supposed to get 3 of vs. 2 of vs. 1 of…

    I’m no help, but I’ll tweet it out and see if that gets you any more responses…

    • From what I know 321 as is: 3 things you learned today, 2 questions you have, 1 thing you want to learn more about.

      And thanks for tweeting, I am a little worried about the lack of responses. Like Dan said, it’s either 2 things: we have a huge need or there is no need. I just want to know which it is.

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