Math Songs

I really wish I could find my student work amidst the piles of resources I have in my storeroom, I would take a few pictures of student song samples…

this is a video I found on the web to give you and idea of what the end result would be for this project


One Project that students have really liked (and we have even made short video clips of them) is to take popular songs students listen to today and transform them into songs about math.  There are a few guidelines I present to students before we do this:

  1. Choose a song that you currently listen to for the outline of your math song
  2. Use only one Mathematical Concept for the song
  3. Your song can either try to teach students about that concept or just give listeners some background about it and where it may be used in everyday life
  4. Appropriate Language only

This is a project that I list under the “fun reflective” category.  I don’t have students do this project with the sole purpose of learning facts, I want them to think about the concept in it’s entirety, reflect how it is connected, and express that through song.  Creating short video clips will take some time, you will need to get ideas from the students on where they want to shoot, how they will express their song, and take class time to gather video, edit it and present them to the class.  Is this project worth the time?  I find that it is.  I recently had a student come up to me and ask if I still had his song copy, and he even sang me a few lines.  He told me that making the song had him think about mathematics in a different way than problem calculation, and that the concept is embedded in his memory.

Besides, who doesn’t like to create a few poetic verses and put them to music?


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