Request your Open Middle Problems

open middle


I really am getting into designing Open Middle problems, but I also want to try an meet the needs of anyone following this blog. Request an Open Middle Problem design! Leave a comment on the Standard you want the problem designed for, and any other “special requests” concerning type, format, etc. I’ll see what I can cook up!



3 thoughts on “Request your Open Middle Problems

  1. I am also a junkie for Open Middle, and will work on these as well and post them on my blog, but I am particularly interested in problems for two 8th grade standards: transformations and irrational numbers (in particular making questions about ordering irrational numbers and putting irrational numbers on number lines much deeper)

    • Any particular Transformation you are looking at addressing? I’ll see what pops to mind. Please submit any problems you design to Open Middle to be added to the website as well.

      • I need problems that span the 8th grade curriculum, but questions about rotations are tricky and way too many of them are canned and boring.

        I’ve submitted a number of problems to Open Middle, and will be submitting more once I can find some time to sit down and write them out.

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