Going through some things, and I found some old questions…..

Looking through some of my papers, I came across these, I am not going to say these are perfect- but I will add to them throughout the year and many of these have started good conversations…


Math Talk Questions


Why did you choose this method?

How does your method relate to the method that ________ just explained?

Did anyone think of this problem in a different way?

Who has the same answer but solved it in a different way?

Does anyone have a different answer?

How did you get your answer?

What is the same or different about these problems?

How did you know which operation to use to solve the problem?

Tell me what _____ means.

Why is that the answer?

Prove your answer is correct.

How did you solve your problem?

Have you seen a problem like this before? Tell us about that problem.

What observations can you make?

What conclusion can you draw?

Can you repeat what ______ said in your own words? ______, is that what you intended to say?

What is your reasoning?

This is my solution or strategy ________. I think _____ is saying that

I agree or disagree because…

I would like to build on the idea that ____ shared.

I am unsure of what you are showing, can you share what you did?

How did you know to _____? Give evidence.

Your solution reminds me of ______.

What should we attempt from here?

What is our next step? Why should we do that?

How should you start this problem? Why do you think that?

Math Reflection Questions


Describe how you did this problem or activity.

Did that strategy work?

What did you notice about how this problem was completed?

What is a good way to do this problem?

Why would you do it that way?

Was there any other ways to do it?

Why did you do it that way?

Did it work as you expected?

What did this teach you?

How are you going to complete a similar problem next time?

What are some other problems that could use the same method for finding an answer?

Was it difficult? Why?

Was it easy? Why?

What seemed to work well for you before?

What do you want to do next time?

How do you feel about your work today?

What are some reasons why people make mistakes on problems like these?

You say these are hard, can you think of ways to make them easier?

What do you think you will do differently next time?

How can you work faster on these problems?

What is it about _____ that you found interesting?

What questions does this raise for you?

Explain how ______ relates to _______.

What else would you need to know to solve this problem?

Which operation should be used to solve this problem? Why? How you do know?

Why do you think this strategy will work?

Where would you find a problem like this in the real world?

What kind of mathematics did you use today?

What kind of mathematics did you teacher use today?

How are they related? How are they different?

What would happen if you changed ____?

Is there other ways to solve this problem?

How can you check your work to prove it is right?


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