Day 4: District Staff Day

It is interesting to change jobs- seeing how things now work versus how they used to.  Every place has a different set of standards and expectations to follow.  First and foremost is dress code: each district has different measures on what they believe their teachers should wear.  Even within each school there is an implicit set of rules for teacher attire.  New teachers are expected to dress professional, dress pants and shirt.  They are expected to remain shaved and cut, to address everyone with a Mr. or Mrs.- failure to do so could result in a non-renewal of their contract.  They are the ones who are expected to volunteer for anything thrown their way.  They come in early, work hard to establish themselves in their new surroundings, and stay late reflecting on how the day went and what they need to do better.  They typically are the ones you will see at school events, they make themselves known in hopes that they will find a steady position in the district, and eventually a home.

One of the first big impressions new teachers get is from the district staff meeting.  The day every school in the district comes together and finds out what direction the district intends to go for the year.  This year, it was We’ve Got to Be That Light – A Gift to America’s Teachers


Personally I loved this, in the short amount of time the video has it relays a powerful message.  It is one all teachers should remember and that is one reason I am sharing it on the blog- so I have a quick way to access it when the tough days come.

The morning went on as any other: introductions of administration, school board members, new staff and awards for staff from the previous year.  I like that this new disctrict did not immediately throw you last year’s testing numbers, they provided you with inspiration for the next year.  It was a great change.  The one thing that this Staff Day had that none of my others did however is that I was able to enjoy it with my wife.  For the first time in 12 years we are teaching in the same district- that day will be one that is hard to top.

2 thoughts on “Day 4: District Staff Day

  1. There are long and short versions of why anyone leaves a job, and for me it was a really tough decision. There were 2 main factors that it came down to however: 1) My kids go to the new district and I believe that when you teach for a school, that it becomes home- your community. In order to be successful you need to be seen at events, build relationships with parents and students outside of the classroom. I also feel as a parent you need to do the same, so I now have the pleasure of doing both at once. 2) Financial. Working in the district with my wife has made our financial obligations much easier to manage.

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