Teacher Reflection 180: Day 4

What did I learn about my Math Class this week?

What did my students struggle with this week?

What did I do well  this week?

Where do I need to begin with this class next week?


Every class presents a new challenge for the year.  This year I did not know what to expect coming to a new district.  I found the kids to be much better than I anticipated, they are needy but they are willing to work with this strange new teacher on math that appears to be easier than what they expected.  I am still learning the internal pecking order of the kids, who to watch out for with peers, or with me.  I am starting to formulate a seating chart- students are showing me who they can and can’t sit by and productively work.


My students struggled with the transition to school after the summer.  They are re-learning to filter subjects and words in class, and are adapting to being shut inside for a good chunk of the day.  For class the biggest thing is attention spans- although I am pretty crazy the first weeks to grab that and maintain it (while also showing them it’s OK to have wrong answers or reactions- as long as you can appropriately correct them), they are still drifting.  I have a few plans to get that back on track.


My students really are loving the format of class.  Estimation 180 is going well, same with Visual Patterns and Mathshell Tasks.  I am liking the flow and student interaction and am feeling less drained at the end of the day than normal.


Next week I need to refresh classroom procedures and enforce them.. and keep enforcing them.  It’s better to start off hard and give them some slack than to go too easy.  You can never regain ground.

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