Day 5: I Feel Overwhelmed!

Wow, just wow.  With the way I feel today you could never tell I have been teaching for 12 years.  I come into my room, and look at all of the half-finished tasks laying around.  I need to finish putting my resources/supplies away in cabinets.  I need to finalize and hang up which posters I want to start the year with.  I have to re-arrange the room because a certain aspect is now bugging me.  There are reports to catalog and first weeks lesson plans to write.  I need to pre-print our resources, I have to get… WHAT!  Wow, I need to sit down and breathe deeply to refocus.

I have to get my room’s appearance done.  It is how my peers and students will perceive me for the next few days- an impression I will never be able to change.  I spend the next hour rearranging my room.  I sit at the student desks, move to the SMARTBoard and whiteboard like they will- I try to anticipate their needs.  I notice immediately that I have crowded the one side by the computers.  I can only have students at that side of the table or seated at the computer stations.  I need to move that table without cramping my other spaces.  I finally pick out and hang my posters- some had already fallen down.  A quick trip to the store to pick up command strips is needed.  Finally things look OK.  This ends up taking twice the time I thought, 2 hours are gone already!

OK, as I look around I see my resources and supplies.  They need to be put away, but in a manner where I can access them easily- I have a project this week.  (Yes, I believe in having a project right away, it’s an easy ice breaker and allows me the opportunity to get into group work/procedures.)  As I am putting things away, I realize that I need to swap where they are stored- so I change it.  It is hard to utilize your storage space to be accessible while maximizing the space and organization.  I probably end up swapping out almost every cabinet or shelf in my room… man this is going to be a long day- it’s already lunch time.

Lunch leaves me feeling refreshed- until I hit my classroom.  I start flying through my resources to find what student materials I will need and take a walk to every teacher’s favorite hangout- the copier room.  I don’t realize it until I am carrying back about 4 reams of paper that I now have materials ready for the first two weeks.  I guess sometimes it is OK to stress and overprepare.

I still have that feeling that I am nowhere close to being ready for my students as I finally leave the building- 3 hours later than scheduled hours.  I know I have a good room, I know things will go OK, but the excitement of the new year in a new district has my mind flying.  I can’t wait for class Tuesday  so that I will kick into Interactive Teacher mode and get out of this Overanalysis mode I am currently stuck in.  Time to enjoy the last weekend of summer….

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