Teacher Reflection 180: Day 5

What did students think the objective of the day was?

Did they understand it?  To what degree?  Does it need more Reflection, Instruction, Practice?

Can students connect today’s lesson to a problem they might encounter?


Students have really nailed down Objectives of the Day, we all are really enjoying it and I will continue this every class.


I think I need to keep refreshing the memory and build connections between daily lessons, weekly work, and mathematical themes.  Students are too quick to forget things unless they interact with it.  Although right now at the beginning of the year students are “retraining” their brains for school, I am really impressed by their progress so far.


Connections are still a challenge.  They can adjust examples from class but are still working on the understanding needed to extend their thinking and adapt it for new situations.  I need to focus on this a bit more.

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