Reflective Teaching: Day 8

What’s in your desk drawer, and what can you infer from those contents?


So I am a neat freak, and by re-looking at my desk drawer, I may have a problem.

Timer: my trusty guide for making sure I have time for Reflection180

Jump Drive band & USB Keys: essential for my robotics class

Post-It Tabs: can you ever have enough? I mark everything I could possibly use in class

Calculator: I usually end up moving this thing out of the way

Problems without Figures: I am liking this resource this year

Command Strips: Never have problems with posters again

Erasers: Keeps those pesky pencil top poppers at bay

Pencil Sharpener: Have to have one of these for those students who keep those tiny pencils

Sub Clipboard: easy access for Subs without easy access for students


Looking at my desk drawer, I realize how little I am at my desk and therefore do not have a ton in it.  I am OK with that, if I am not moving around I’m not doing my job.  If I don’t have  students moving around and thinking, I also am not doing my job. I think overall the lack of items and use of my desk is a good sign for my classroom.



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