Reflective Teaching: Day 10

Share five random facts about yourself.

Fact 1: I like Spheres/Circles

Fact 2: I love dogs

Fact 3: I’m a hunter (deer, grouse, pheasant, duck, rabbit)

Fact 4: I am Left-Handed

Fact 5: I love being a student


Share four things from your bucket list.

Bucket List 1: Travel to a different continent

Bucket List 2: Obtain my PhD

Bucket List 3: Shoot an Elk

Bucket List 4: Attend TMC


Share three things that you hope for this year, as a “person” or an educator.

Hope 1: I hope to get accepted as a speaker for MCTM, my local state Math Conference as well as NCTM- either Nashville or Minneapolis

Hope 2: I hope to make an impact with my students this year- to open their minds to math and rid them of the “Math is Hard” stigma

Hope 3: I hope to collaborate with staff at my new school, to become a positive connection for them


Share two things that have made you laugh or cry as an educator.

Laugh 1: Doing activities with my students that allows them to be kids and discover mathematics while having fun.  There is nothing like seeing a child’s face while they are enjoying life.

Cry 1: Going to a home of one my students and getting a clearer insight to the struggles our young people face.


Share one thing you wish more people knew about you.

The one thing I wish more people knew about me is that I am a “debugger.”  As a CS students, I did not put a lot of time upfront into planning my program because I liked to watch it run, analyze what was happening and determine what needed to be changed to get it to work.  I would volunteer to look at my peer’s programs to do the same.  I treat my students in the same way.  I allow them to attempt their own thinking to problems, and then we analyze it to see what corrections need to be made (if any), or I will try to push them to perform it in a different way or even find an “optimization” for their thinking.  That may be why I feel reflection is a huge piece of the math puzzle that we need to explore.

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