Math Reflection 180: Days 24-28

Instead of posting these daily and creating a lot of twitter spam, I decided to post these weekly.

Day 24:

What was the warm-up problem for today? (write the question and how you answered it)

How have you shown your thinking about this problem? (did you use pictures, models, numbers or sentences? explain)

Show how you could solve this problem differently by using:





(eg: if you solved your problem by using numbers, you need to show me how to solve it using pictures, models and sentences)

Day 25:

If you had to present the Objective of the Day to the class, what problem would you present them with?  Explain.

How does this address the Objective of the Day?

Day 26:

What was the most challenging part of the work today?  And why?

What could make this work easier to understand?

Day 27:

Describe your Math experience today in class.

How have you used Math vocabulary in your description?

(Display or ask part 2 after students complete part one)

Day 28:

What was the Objective of the Day today, in your own words?

What other mathematical concepts can you connect to it?  Explain how they connect.

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