Math Reflection 180: Days 32-36

Day 32:

What was the objective of the day?

Give an example of a problem using today’s objective.

How else might the problem be solved?

Day 33:

Provide an example of a problem you worked on today.

Would using different numbers change the problem?  Would it change your solution path?  Explain.

Day 34:

What was one of your practice problems for today?

What was your answer?

How do you know your answer is reasonable?  Explain.

Day 35:

Explain how to solve a problem from today (do not use numbers, just talk about the process).

How could you arrive at the same answer using a different process?

Which process is better?  Why?

Day 36:

What is reflection?

Why do we reflect after lessons?

Has reflection helped you with concepts and class?  Explain.


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