Pumpkin Linear Art (and Desmos project)

My Linear Art project came early this year, mostly due to the fact I wanted to get my students on Desmos as soon as I could.  I have my College Linear Art project hanging in my room and I have had a lot of students comment on it.  With the Halloween holiday here, I decided to jump start the process while allowing students to enjoy themselves (and practice some math along the way!)  I gave students a blank sheet of paper and asked them to design a jack-o-lantern.  When they were finished with their “pattern”, I gave them a ruler and graph paper.  They needed to recreate their pumpkin on the graph paper using only lines.  I also suggested that they make sure to have vertices of the pumpkin on grid points on the graph- because of the online graphing project we are going to do afterward.  They really got into the drawing, design and coloring of their projects, and then I hit them with a little math- the coordinate plane.  Once they placed their XY axis on their pumpkin, I had them plot some points as a refresher to graphing and the quadrants (I have a mixed group of 6th through 12th graders and this allowed me to address some graphing issues any student was having).  Here are some of the pumpkins that were designed that day.


Now to get to work laying foundations with Desmos so we can recreate these drawings.  Typically I review vertical and horizontal lines, and have them create their initials in “low res.”  Then we will work on the equation of a line, how slope and intercept changes those equations.  I am looking forward to the next week of class!

This is the rubric I used for this lesson:

Desmos Pumpkin Rubric

3 thoughts on “Pumpkin Linear Art (and Desmos project)

  1. missy stringham says:

    This looks amazing! I was just trying to come up with this and I found your blog. Do you use a rubric for this project? Thank you again!

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