Math Reflection 180: Days 56-60

Day 56:

Think about your weekend, what type of Math did you use or experience?  Explain.

How could you explain how to use this type of Math to a younger sibling or cousin?

Day 57:

The lesson or activity we did in class today reminded me of  (write what it reminded you of and explain the connection between the two)

Day 58:

You felt what animal when you enter math class?

What animal did you think would be the best in math class?

How far have you morphed from your animal to that one?

Draw a picture of how you currently look (either the same, a combination of both animals or the best one).

What tools do you still need to transform into the best math animal?

Day 59:

Summarize the mathematics we have done in class this week in one sentence.

What would the learning objective of the week be?

Day 60:

If there was only one topic in mathematics I could learn, what would it be?

Explain why you chose that topic and how you would use it in your everyday life.

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