Teacher Reflection 180: Day 13

Day 13:

The lesson or activity we did in class today reminded me of  (write what it reminded you of and explain the connection between the two)


I am going to be honest here, this is the single most powerful question I have found for myself professionally.  In a similar manner that I “recycle” ideas from other teachers and professionals, I use student responses to give me insight to connections to use for students.  Using student responses- I plan lessons, activities, projects.  It gives me a gateway into activating their prior knowledge on topics, and providing students this type of access seems to improve interest and engagement.

We can learn from anyone, listen to your students- they are a wealth of ideas.

2 thoughts on “Teacher Reflection 180: Day 13

    • I think any teacher can address this without breaking from the expectations of their administration or teams. Some questions I ask when I read responses are:

      How can I create/implement elements into my lesson that will accommodate my students?

      Is there one thing that will impact the most students?

      How can I make sure to individualize my lesson so that I am meeting the needs of every student?

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