Math Reflection 180: Days 66-70

Day 66:

What mathematics did you work on today?

Draw an illustration displaying it.

Write a formal description/definition for it.

Day 67:

What the topic of math class today?

What questions arose as you worked today?

What changes to your approach did you have to make to solve the problems?

Day 68:

Today’s objective in math was:

What strategies did you attempt to use on these types of problems?

Did it work?  Why or why not?

Day 69:

What strategies did you think you needed to solve today’s problems?

What strategies did you actually need?

Compare/contrast your thoughts on both sets of strategies.

Day 70:

Are you more or less confident in your initial thinking of mathematical problems and the strategies needed to solve them? Explain.

How can you be confident you are working successfully on a problem?

What steps can you take if you have problems?

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