Math Reflection 180: Days 76 – 80

Day 76:

In your own words, describe the objective of the day.

Write down your partner’s description.

Compare/Contrast your descriptions, why do you think yours is different than your partners?

Day 77:

Create an example problem for today’s lesson.

Have your partner solve your problem.

Describe how your partner solved the problem.

Was this the way you thought about the problem?  Explain.

(this reflection activity takes a bit longer to complete in class)

Day 78:

What things did you notice during today’s lesson?

What things did your partner notice?

Was there anything in common?  Why do you think that happened?

What things were different?  Why did your partner notice different things than you?

Day 79:

<give students a slightly different problem variation of the objective of the day>

Talk with a partner

How would you attempt to solve this problem?  Why?

Day 80:

Partner work

What things work well with partner work?

What things do not work well?

When solving mathematics problems, what is the best use of a partner?

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