Mowing P2: Estimation 180 Problem

How many more trips would it take with my push mower instead?

est180mowerLawn Pic

It is half a city block which measures 330′ x 165′.  My riding mower deck is 48″.

165′ x 12″ = 1,980″

1,980″ / 48″ = 41.25

It takes just over 41 mower decks to cut lawn.  Depending on the student, a trip will include either a full circuit or loop which will take two 48″ cuts.

So, 41.25 / 2 = 20.6

So it takes 20 full trips and a half of another to cut the lawn with the riding mower.

The push mower is only 22″

1,980″ / 22″ = 90

It would take 90 push mower decks to cut the lawn.

So, 90 / 2 = 45

Find the difference in the riding mower and the push mower.

45 – 20.6= 24 and a half trips more, hope it’s not too hot outside!

(What percent increase is this from the riding mower?)

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