Back to Work…

Today marks the first day teachers report to their buildings in my district.  While I am working throughout my room getting prepared for this year, I am reminded of my inattention to my blog.

The summer was great, marked with many great highlights: Disney World, Fishing, Running, Golf, Workshops, playing with my kids, my kid’s first time on the ski-trainers, Brayden’s first Walleye, playing with my kids, Berklee’s first Walleye (separate trips actually), Camps, playing with my kids, Cousin stay-overs, a new Swim Spa, playing with my kids.  There was a very common theme that dominated my focus this summer and I wouldn’t detract from that at all (they are growing too fast as it is actually).  Summer is a time to relax, recharge, and PLAY.  My kids did a great job reminding me of that this year.  I love them for that!

My blogging activity will start up again, and just stepping into my classroom reminded me of many things I want to explore and blog about- we’ll see you all soon (and perhaps too often as well!).

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