Day 4: Robots!

IMG_2453Day 4, the end of the week.  After my usual warm-up of Visual Patterns and Estimation 180, I needed to find something to wrap up the week on.  Typically I like to connect and reflect on the whole week, but with this being the first week many things were introductory.  I like what has happened this week so far.  The activities our class has done provided me with enough to think about this weekend, but I wanted to close the week with an activity that isn’t too demanding of students and allows them to display some creativity.

Today we graphed robots.  I got the from Super Teacher Worksheets (don’t comment on that please).  I like this activity because it is quick, but it’s also an activity that exposes student misconceptions on the coordinate plane.  I will have students make the typical consistent flip of the X and Y axes, and those few students who seemingly flip them at random.  I also have students who struggle with graphing back to a starting point (hey, I already did that!  What now?)  The biggest thing I need to know is student’s knowledge of the coordinate plane so I make sure when I am talking about points, lines, etc that students aren’t confused because their positions don’t match mine.  After they are done with the picture, I have them color/design their robot.  This allows me a glimpse into student’s personalities and likes- typically I get some pretty awesome looking robots (last year I received a Bumblebee).

I also like this activity because it ties into my Robotics class- where we discuss what it means to be a robot, where the term came from, and what type of tasks we need robots for.

Although it was an easy end to the week, it was a good way to finish.

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