Day 9: Drawing Pumpkins


There’s nothing like the smell of pumpkin pie in grandma’s kitchen.  Fall is the season of goodies, costumes and bad pranks.  It’s Halloween time.  I like this time of year because it’s when I introduce students to Desmos, the awesome online graphing resource found here.

Once again, it’s Pumpkin Linear Art time.  I decided to start early this year because the mix of transcribing pumpkins to Desmos and the nature of the job- the project can easily get spread out.  I hand students a blank piece of paper and ask them to draw a pumpkin- and then to create a jack-o-lantern out of it.  While they are designing their pumpkin we talk about where the project is headed, what they are expected to do and what things we need to troubleshoot.  Many students try to go all out and get elaborate with their pumpkins- then realize the magnitude of the project they created.  I always try to have students talk through things before they get too far- with these type of art projects I have learned that if students create something and then find it is too complex to put on Desmos, that they give up.  By talking about what things may or may not work with the graphing resource it allows students to have ownership of the project and the math.  Here are a few pumpkins that made it past the sketch phase:


As with any of my Desmos Art Projects, I have students then transfer this sketch onto a grid- so we can talk about points, slopes, lines, segments.  I also have students color these graphs so we can then go back and change our equations to inequalities for coloring.  Here is what these pumpkins look like so far:

IMG_2492Now on to the equations of their lines, and then Desmos!  The kids are doing great so far.

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