Where’s the Vacancy Sign?


So it only took 11 days for my goal to blog daily to fail.  There are many reasons that I can tell you why it failed, but that isn’t important.

Was the goal realistic?  Was it attainable?

I think that the goal was very realistic and attainable- depending on how you define a blog post.  Is the post going to be a short quick insight to what is happening each day?  It the post going to show work and examine student responses?  With blogging the design of each post is totally open, there was more than enough room for me to tailor the posts to be able to blog daily

Were there other factors that kept you from your goal?

Absolutely.  One of my biggest weaknesses is that I like to be involved.  I try and do everything without cutting anything back.  I also have a really hard time saying no to people, which lands me all sorts of new responsibilities.  Currently I have the following responsibilities: Husband, Father, Son, Friend, Church Member, Teacher, Student (2nd Master’s program), Volunteer, Curriculum Designer, Professional Practice Committee Member, Chat Moderator, #MTBoS, Blogger, Runner, Fisherman, Hunter, Swimmer, MMORPG Gamer- the list could go on and on.

The biggest reason I think of this is a short conversation I had with @rutherfordcasey.


How often do we do this?  We come into the year with all these great ideas, and find new ones to implement- all the while also having the responsibilities of who we are as an educator.  At what point do we really need to define what we are?  When is enough actually enough as an educator?  I constantly strive to push myself professionally and my students academically- I have not yet found the balance.  Maybe someone can help me determine when the “vacancy” sign should be shut off.

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