Explore the #MTBoS!

I do not know how many of you read this blog, but if you do I hope you know what the MTBoS is, or if not- that you would be curious and want to.

The MTBoS is an unequaled Math PD that resides through Twitter and Blogs.  There are thousands of resources to use in your classroom, and hundreds of teachers who will take time to talk with you about pretty much anything.  It was an amazing thing for me to discover, and it really helped to prevent a burnout.  As a teacher in a small school, I am the math department, I have no-one to bounce ideas off of.  I don’t have that extra push of “Look what I did today!” or “Would you like to do a project?”  Its very easy to become stagnant, which is a dis-service to both yourself and your students.  It is also easy to feel overwhelmed, without any help.  The super awesome people who participate in the MTBoS will take the time to talk with you!

So take a deep breath, and take a step into the best thing that ever happened in your teaching career! Just follow this link:


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