Robot Runs

I’ve been pretty impressed by my student’s perseverance with their robot challenges.  Currently they have to build the initial LEGO EV3 Robot and program 4 challenges, which is working on getting comfortable with moving the robot.

Challenge 1: “5”


Challenge 2: “8” (to be done in only 4 bricks)


Challenge3: “28” (two figure eights, with a twist)

FullSizeRender(1) - Copy

Challenge 4: “Run” (complete the course in the fastest time)


It has been challenging for students, and there have been times of frustration because of constraints (number of blocks used in the program, proximity of chairs and desks to the course, maneuvering the turns, and the starting placement of the bot).  I have not had a student quit, in fact even though they get mad, they become determined to get it done, and most of the time they want a level of perfection beyond what I am looking for.

I have 5 groups working on the final challenge, and then they get to “modify”- create their own vehicle based on constraints they come up with as a group.  So far it’s that they can’t use wheels, but have to use tracks.  They are still devising ways to build creative cars.

Here are a couple of test runs they wanted me to record:





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