If I only had more time.

Wow, I can’t believe how time is flying by on me this year.  I am almost halfway through our 3rd marking period for the year.  I guess that is what happens when you work, have a 4 and 7 year old, are enrolled in a master’s program, are involved in sports leagues, have state testing (and practice testing), do contract work and try to attend mathy things!

I have not done a great job lately about posting blogs, updating Open Middle, creating new OM problems, I have been just trying to tread water.  I will be moderating the next few weeks at #msmathchat so throw me some ideas for hot new topics to talk about Monday night at 9EST.

Here are the papers I have had to complete for my current master’s class.  They are pretty dry- getting me prepped for writing my big capstone paper at the end of my coursework.  My topic is going to be how Mathematics Learning Disabilities affects the Middle School Classroom.

  1. Observation Research Project
  2. Qualitative Quantitative Research Analysis


3 thoughts on “If I only had more time.

  1. Love the insights into your life! My you DO have a full plate! (No pun intended.) In your ORP, you may wish to change the word “unruly” on page 4. It does sound like you’re making a judgement there. In addition, your QQRA only contains 1 line prior to the rubric. 🙂 Hope you didn’t email that one in yet!

    I had to laugh at your project topic. The outcome of your data is in keeping with my prediction. hehe.

    Best of luck to you! Hang in there. Break is coming.

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