#MTBoS30 Day 1

Day 1: My favorite way to spend the day is…


Even though this is supposed to be a warm-up question into 30 days of self reflection, it is a complicated question for me.  One of the biggest reasons is that in northern MN you never know what kind of day you will have.  This question varies on season, weather and if there actually is school in session (I typically try to teach during the summer as well).  For this blog, I’ll assume we are talking about a summer day where I have no real responsibilities.

When I wake up, I get dressed and take a run.  This allows my mind to make sense of what was flying through it while I was sleeping and become clear for the day.  I also love to hear and feel the morning in northern MN, it’s truly something to experience.  After I get back, it’s playtime!  I love spending time playing with Brayden and Berklee.  This can involve many different things- basketball, tennis, biking, swimming, jumping on the trampoline, swinging, playing legos- the list goes on and on.  This year I have an extra sidekick for play, Gunner.  We typically have tons of fun until lunchtime.

After lunch its time for golf.  Brayden is now 8 so he accompanies me most times.  My game is taking a turn for the worst in this case, I still need to know how to golf slow.  But I love being out on the course walking with Brayden and teaching him the game of golf, I can’t wait until Berklee gains the stamina to join us.  When we get home from golf, its right back to playtime until dinner.

After dinner it’s usually downtime- a movie or electronics to get settled for the night.  Depending on the weather we also take a pontoon ride around our lake and enjoy the sunset on the water.  Other times as a family we all lounge in the hot tub (well the parents lounge and the kiddos splash and play non-stop).  Then it’s getting ready for the kid’s bedtime.  Once I get the kiddos down another adventure begins- fishing.  I hop in the boat and scour the lake at night for walleyes.  I have no set time to end, the fish and lake let me know when I should go home.

Now it’s time for bed, and the anticipation of what types of fun the next day will bring…


One thought on “#MTBoS30 Day 1

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