#MTBOS30- Day 4

Make a list of 30 things that make you smile.

There are many things that make me smile, I’m going to write some of them down without prioritizing them.  I could make this list entirely of moments where my kids or family make me smile, but I’ll resist.

  1. Brayden and Berklee pretty much at any moment in the day (or does that count for 2?).
  2. My new pup Gunner, always wanting love and play.
  3. My wife Heather- I really like watching her with the kids, I could watch that all day.
  4. My Family.
  5. My Friends (I’m not listing everyone, that list would be more than 30).
  6. Watching the sun rise from the Tree Stand in November.
  7. Watching the sun set over Grace Lake from the boat.
  8. Going for a walk in the woods.
  9. Listening to the sounds of Northern MN when I’m running.
  10. Buying gifts for others.
  11. The tug of a Walleye on my Rap.
  12. Seeing children walk for the first time.
  13. Having “that” song play on the radio.
  14. Jumping in the lake after a long day in the sun.
  15. Golfing- seriously, golf is so relaxing, even when my game stinks.
  16. That moment when you see someone you care about after being apart for a while.
  17. The smell of baking bread- reminds me of Grandma’s Kitchen.
  18. Feeling the wind in my face when I’m driving a motorcycle.
  19. Reading a really good book.
  20. Helping others.
  21. Having others enjoy my cooking.
  22. Teaching.
  23. Completing a challenge or puzzle.
  24. Building something (typically woodwork) and doing a good job.
  25. Being told thanks.
  26. Holding hands.
  27. A good joke.
  28. Seeing Brayden or Berklee being unselfish and helping others.
  29. Talking math with my #MTBoS community.
  30. That moment when you Student understands a concept.


There are many, many more I could add- smiling is one of my favorite pass times.

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