#MTBoS30- Day 12

Perpetual cycle…


I work at a school that services a juvenile center, as such I get to see the product of the bad side of the modern family unit every day.  I have had many people ask me how I can teach here, and work with these kids.  The fact is: these kids need me, they need someone who is open to listening to them- no matter what they have done before.  The bad side: many of these kids don’t think they have the power to change their lives.

Case in point- there was a student here who lost hope, he figured that he would never be released from the center.  We talked about things, he seemed to understand and actually talked rationally about situations and what he could do to change the outcome.  The thing is- he never believed it.  One thing we always talk about is how running from your problems only delay the outcome, and typically the punishment becomes harder and longer because you try to avoid it.  He seemed to understand and talked a big game.  I thought he was actually making a change.

He ran today, and has not been seen.

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