#MTBoS30- Day 17

When I’m in pain — physical or emotional — the kindest thing I can do for myself is…

Not shut others out.


This is my typical remedy for [most] physical and emotional pain, the woods.

I am the type of guy who needs to deal with things on my own.  I am not a good sharer of those “touchy-feely” moments in my life.  I am not truly sure why that is, but I never liked to share how I was feeling with others.  Maybe it was because I felt my mother and I were too much alike, and that most conversations we had weren’t talking, but abrasive arguments.  My dad was never a talker when it came to those things, he always supported me in things but he never took that nurturing approach.  My philosophy is that things will happen as they are meant to- and I have to find ways to cope with things that don’t run my way.  I will talk with friends about anything else under the sun- but I won’t talk about those deeply-rooted emotions.  For me this meant walks in the woods, listening to music, going for drives.  I need to have time to calm my mind, recently running has been my outlet for that.

I tend to fall in the same pattern when I’m in physical pain.  I don’t necessarily like going to the doctor, I try to weather the storm.  I don’t like people around me when I’m sick or physically hurting, I would rather be alone.  It’s been my coping mechanism, and I’m beginning to realize that it may not be the best.  I guess that is why I recognize it so quickly when it comes to my students, I know all the signs.

I’m glad I came across this prompt for the #MTBoS30, it made me think about this- now it’s time to make a change (one is never too old are they?)

One thought on “#MTBoS30- Day 17

  1. I don’t live close to the woods like that though in southern Cal. I’m doomed, Bryan. I tend to do the same, withdraw from rather than reach out to others when I’m in that dark emotional state. (On the contrary, I’m the biggest vocal whiner when it comes to physical pain!) Thank you for sharing.

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