#MTBoS30- Day 25

A math teacher’s attempt at a reading intervention…


For my coursework I had to perform a short case study for a student and his reading needs.  This was not a small challenge for me!  I figured I would share the paper I had to write on it.

Case Study of Reading and Linguistic Needs

One thought on “#MTBoS30- Day 25

  1. WHat an awesome and thorough job of putting this case study together!

    This is a student who prefers to have directions read to him, and for whom hearing the story provides a long list of benefits.

    Is there a way to approach this from a “strengths focus” — his ability to understand better when he hears the reading — adn find a way to manage the time & resources challenges of the intervention? As you pointed out, a huge issue here is that every person is different… but the path you choose will make a big difference for this person, regardless of the other “what interventions work” decisions.

    Since the oral discussion is the huge time suck, switching that to written (but really trying to squeeze in at least going over the written thing individually for that important validation of positive behavior) makes a lot of sense.

    Now to put my critical hat on…

    However, it seems to me that keeping him working w/ hearing the stories will build vocabulary, success, background knowledge (especially the accurate knowledge stated as important towards the end of the report), and ability to focus. Now, I am only looking at a few pieces of paper, but I don’t sense that this kiddo has reserves of high expectations for himself. Taking that away makes me think, “whoa!” Will he get coaching in how to make ‘visual’ reading like hearing it? (Sometimes explicit instruction in looking at the words as phrases, and pretending to read it aloud, makes a big difference. He might even enjoy ‘saying’ them dramatically and vividly, as if he were a movie star.)

    Okay, here’s my real challenge — worth every cent you paid for it: There’s so much in this case study that says the environment and history may be masking his true abilities. I’d want to find those places where they’re ‘leaking out’ and try to make those holes bigger! Perhaps, not being on grade level to me is enough “sign of a struggle,” because with this guy’s history, we do not know what real strengths are being masked. If he’s *not* struggling, he could be catching up. Why does he need to be frustrated first? (As somebody working w/ adults — we can get audio versions of anything somebody needs to hear…)

    Again, there’s so much I have no idea about since this is just a few pieces of paper — and while I’ve been helping people learn reading for lots of years, they were mostly a lot taller than this one — I’m just tossing out ideas from other planets and maybe you can use some of it. Thanks for being bold & brave enough to ask…

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