Math Reflection 180: Days 66-70

Day 66:

What mathematics did you work on today?

Draw an illustration displaying it.

Write a formal description/definition for it.

Day 67:

What the topic of math class today?

What questions arose as you worked today?

What changes to your approach did you have to make to solve the problems?

Day 68:

Today’s objective in math was:

What strategies did you attempt to use on these types of problems?

Did it work?  Why or why not?

Day 69:

What strategies did you think you needed to solve today’s problems?

What strategies did you actually need?

Compare/contrast your thoughts on both sets of strategies.

Day 70:

Are you more or less confident in your initial thinking of mathematical problems and the strategies needed to solve them? Explain.

How can you be confident you are working successfully on a problem?

What steps can you take if you have problems?

Math Reflection 180: Days 61-65

Day 61:

Remember this reflection?

Day 1:

What do you think your strengths are in Math?

What do you think your weaknesses are in Math?

Write down your favorite math problem.  Explain why it is your favorite problem.

Answer these questions for today’s reflection.

Day 62:

<Return reflections 1 and 61 to students>

Compare your reflections from these two days.

How has your thinking about math changed?

How has your thinking about math stayed the same?

What have we done in class that has impacted your mathematical thinking the most? (activity, lesson, discussion, etc)

Day 63:

Yesterday you told me something that has been done in class that has had the greatest effect on your mathematical thinking. (activity, lesson, discussion, etc)

Write an example of how you would present today’s material in that way.

Day 64:

Tomorrow’s lesson will be on <insert learning objective here>, what type of learning activity would you like to experience tomorrow?

How/Why do you think that would be beneficial for the whole class?

Day 65:

Using one sentence, summarize the learning objectives of the week.

What things do you know well from this week?  Give examples.

What things do you feel you still need help with from this week?  Give examples.

What one objective do you feel you could teach another student?  How would you do it?

Math Reflection 180: Days 56-60

Day 56:

Think about your weekend, what type of Math did you use or experience?  Explain.

How could you explain how to use this type of Math to a younger sibling or cousin?

Day 57:

The lesson or activity we did in class today reminded me of  (write what it reminded you of and explain the connection between the two)

Day 58:

You felt what animal when you enter math class?

What animal did you think would be the best in math class?

How far have you morphed from your animal to that one?

Draw a picture of how you currently look (either the same, a combination of both animals or the best one).

What tools do you still need to transform into the best math animal?

Day 59:

Summarize the mathematics we have done in class this week in one sentence.

What would the learning objective of the week be?

Day 60:

If there was only one topic in mathematics I could learn, what would it be?

Explain why you chose that topic and how you would use it in your everyday life.

Math Reflection 180: Days 51-55

Day 51:

What was the main idea for math class today?

What other mathematical concepts were connected?

When did you learn these concepts?

Day 52:

Restate the objective of the day.

How does it relate to yesterdays objective?

Predict tomorrow’s objective of the day.

Day 53:

Summarize today’s lesson in just one sentence.

Write down your prediction (from yesterday) for the lesson today.

Compare/Contrast the two statements.

Day 54:

You need to write a big idea which describes the mathematics we did this week.  What is the big idea for the week?

Day 55:

What was your big idea for this week?

Did today’s lesson follow that idea?  Explain.

What is one thing you will do this weekend that connects to the big idea for this week?

Math Reflection 180: Days 47-50

Day 47:

What was the objective of the day today?

We do this at home/outside of school when we…..

Day 48:

What was today’s objective?

How does it relate to yesterday’s?

What else would you like to find out/learn about these objectives?

Day 49:

What did you learn today? (use Math vocabulary)

How was it connected to what you learned this week?

What does it mean to you? (describe it in your own words)

How will learning this impact your everyday life?

Day 50:

3-2-1 Reflection

List and describe 3 things you learned this week:

What are 2 connections to these outside of school:

What 1 question would you like me to review with the class on Monday?

Math Reflections 180: Days 42 – 46

Day 42:

How did you do in class today? (Give me a rating on your attention in class and interest in the lesson)

If there was one thing you could change about today’s lesson, what would it be?

Write an example of how you would change it into something more meaningful to you.

Day 43:

Restate today’s objective of the day.

Was today’s lesson at an appropriate level of difficulty/challenge? Explain.

Day 44:

Restate today’s objective of the day.

Restate yesterday’s objective of the day.

Restate Monday’s objective of the day.

How are these related?

Day 45:

Think about the objectives we have focused on this week.

Write a problem that would require you to address each of these objectives.

Day 46:

What animal did you say you were when you started this class?

What animal did you want to become?

Do you still want to become that animal?  Explain why you do or what animal you want to now become and why.

Math Reflections 180: Days 37 – 41

Day 37:

Write down an example of the problems that can be solved using today’s objective.

How many different diagrams/representations can you create from this problem?  Provide examples of each.

Day 38:

What example problem did you reflect on yesterday?

Write down an example problem from today.

What do these two problems have in common?

What is unique about each problem?

Day 39:

Write down your reflection example problem from Monday (working on memory!)

Record everything you know about the problem.

Record what you still need in order to find a solution.

What known information is needed to find the solution?

Day 40:

Write down your reflection example problem from Monday (working on memory!)

Explain how diagrams/representations can help you find a solution to a problem.

Day 41:

Write down your reflection example problem from Monday (working on memory!)

Explain how you know what key pieces of information is needed to find a solution to a problem