Graphing Stories

Creating graphs from stories and events is a great way to get students thinking about the relationship between two events.  Start with creating a graph from a story, and then move to writing stories from graphs.  The next step is to have students watch a video clip and create the storygraph that it shows.  The final piece is to have students design and produce their own video and graph solution.

Interpreting Graphs and Stories

Julie Reulbach’s 7th Grade Graphing Presentations

Dan Meyer’s Blog on Graphing Stories

Graphing Stories Running


Stories from Graphs- Cutting out what you don’t need

Consider the following graphs:



What interesting questions or comments could be made based on these?


For me, there is a ton of wealth by just posting each of these on the board and having the class discuss each one.  Just having a conversation on whether the graphs represent two people or two different times the trip was made is interesting for students (and they will have definite opinions on which is right!)

This is what it looks like when I show you the handout that I found this in:

Graphs for Stories

How much is lost by presenting this to the students?

(Give me some input, and I will follow up with how it went today when I gave one class the sheet, and only presented graphs for the second class)


Starting this year (2014) my students will start creating their own graphing story videos, I will post them as we get them edited- planning on using Desmos to create awesome graphs!

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