Which One Doesn’t Belong

If for some reason, you haven’t looked at @trianglemancsd ‘s Which One Doesn’t Belong shapes book, check it out here.  It is a great gateway into math talk, vocabulary, critical thinking- all those things we cherish in our classroom.  Of course, my mind is always thinking of how I will take this gem back to my classroom and use it.  This book can truly be used by any grade level, conversations can be that rich- although the time that is needed for each one should decrease.  My first reaction was, “Why aren’t there also 3D shapes?”  I asked Christopher if he had any plans on incorporating these and he didn’t at the moment.  Kids live in an environment where 3D is the norm, and I think these same discussions (as well as new ones) can happen with the “more complicated” shapes.


Which one doesn’t belong?

what doesnt belong solids

Of course, now I will be working to assemble pages of these types of problems together!  Thanks @triannglemancsd!


5 thoughts on “Which One Doesn’t Belong

  1. carole seubert says:

    Thank you! Not ashamed to say my “Fan Girl” turns on for @Trianaglemancsd and his wisely winsome mathematical eye. Your 3-D WODB will be used to kick off my upcoming lesson set on Volume. I also foresee returning to it as my fifth graders contemplate how/why things change when moving from calculating V for cubes and rectangular prisms to that of finding V for pyramids and cylinders.

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