Parallel and Perpendicular Lines- Open Middle Problem

Directions: Using the numbers 0 to 9, at most once each time, fill in blanks to create a set of 4 points that create either Parallel or Perpendicular lines, depending on how you connect them.

1st Quadrant.PNG

( ___, ___ ) ( ___, ___ ) ( ___, ___ ) ( ___, ___ )


Describing Shapes- Open Middle Problem

Directions: Using the following picture, complete the following sentences (using the phrases: above, below, beside, in front of, behind, and next to)

Shapes with  no names.jpg


The cube is ___________ the sphere and ___________ the triangle.

The hexagon is __________ the pentagon and __________ the circle.


Use the shape names to complete the following statements:

The ________ is next to the ________ and above the __________.

The ________ is beside the __________, above the ___________, and below the ___________.

Puzzling Pentagon?

Directions: Using the digits 1 to 9 and the math operations of +, -, ÷, ×; create expressions for the sides of the following pentagon where A > C > B.


What can you say about angles a and b?

What are the measures of a and b?

How do you know your answers are correct?

Are there any other solutions?

Trig Ratios

Consider the following figure:



What values of x, y and z will produce the following inequality?

csc B < sec B < tan B < sin B < cot B < cos B


How does the inequality

sin B < tan B < cos B < cot B < csc B < sec B

change your diagram, values or thinking?