Logs- Open Middle Problem

Directions: Using the integers 1 to 9, fill in the red and blue boxes so that the chart is accurate.  You can only use a number once per red box and once per blue box.


Thank you to Megan Schmidt, @veganmathbeagle, for introducing me to this graphic from underground mathematics.


Challenge: How would your strategies change if log values had to fit within the interval [0, 1.6)

Linear Relationships

List 2 points from a line that satisfies the following (you can use numbers 0-9, but you can only use a number once):

a) Its rate of change must be larger than 2

b) Its y-intercept must be smaller than 3

c) It must share a point with the line described by the rate of change and intercept from a&b


(__,__) and (__,__)


The equation of the two lines is:

y = __x +___

y = __x +___