10’s Pairs – Open Middle Coding

Directions: Create code that will ask the user for a number and tell them it’s 10’s pair.

You can only use a command block once.

You can use the digits 0-5, at most once each.
10s partner.PNG

Is there any code or numbers you did not use?

Code this in scratch and test it out, did anything happen that you didn’t expect?

What happens if you wanted to make 20’s partners?

Interpreting Graphs- Open Middle Problem

Using the numbers 1 to 6, using a number only once, create a graph and fill in the blanks to make them true.


There are ___ bananas, ___ apples and ___ oranges.

There are ___ more apples than bananas.

There are ___ less oranges than apples.

There are ___ more oranges than bananas.


NOTE: I would suggest having this pre-printed for students and have numbers 1 to 6 printed on paper that students can use as a manipulative.


Special thanks to @gfletchy for input on this problem and accomodations